A dent to your car’s bodywork is definitely a downer! 
You know the feeling … one day, you’re dent-free, the next, one mysteriously appears … 
Here at Dent Solutions, we are Worcestershire’s only specialist Paintless Dent Repair workshop. 
1) How do dents occur? 
Sadly, dents or dings are an everyday occurrence. 
They can be caused through poor parking … usually by other drivers. 
You know the sound of stone denting your car’s paintwork. 
Occasionally, it’s an unfortunate bird-strike. 
The other culprits are shopping trolley accidents, wheelie bin damage or even opening your door and hitting a lamppost, a public rubbish bin or telegraph pole. 
2) We feel your frustration! 
When a dent appears, you immediately think it’s a big, costly job in terms of time and money. 
This simply doesn’t have to be the case. 
Thanks to years of specialist experience, and as we are certified with the Institute of the Motor Industry, we offer paintless dent removal right here in our workshop based in Finepoint Way, Kidderminster. 
3) How to tell us 
Many dents can be remedied while you wait. 
We have a comfy waiting area, with TV, free WiFi (so you can keep in touch with work and family). 
You can either call in to our workshop (open Monday to Friday) or take a few photos of the damage and attach them to our quick and easy contact form
4) Why we are different 
There are a number of factors to paintless dent removal which we offer our customers. 
*Our repairs retain the factor paint, finish and warranty. 
*We don’t have colour matching issues as we work with the original finish. 
*Our work maintains the manufacturer’s warranty. 
*The work we do is fast, efficient and of excellent quality. 
*Our pricing is cost-effective on the wallet or purse. 
*And we are doing our bit for the environment, as our technique uses very few or no chemicals during our repairs. Our methods avoid the use of sanders, grinders or spraying. 
5) Need to know more? 
We hope that should a dent appear, you will contact us straight away. However, just as a final word, all our work is fully guaranteed and you can also ask for a free quote! 
Get in touch with us: 
Give us a call on 01562 610192 or on 07966266815. 
Check out our gallery featuring a number of before and after photos
Call in to our workshop: UnitB7, Finepoint Way, Kidderminster, SatNav: DY11 7FB 
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